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Pipeline Angels, a network of new and seasoned women investors, is changing the face of angel investing and creating capital for women and non-binary femme social entrepreneurs. Pipeline Angels holds a signature bootcamp for new investors and a signature pitch summit for startups looking for funding. 200+ women have graduated from our angel investing bootcamp and have invested over US$4M in 40+ companies, with two exits in under five years, via our pitch summit process. 

Our signature pitch summit is an opportunity for invited women and non-binary femme entrepreneurs to present their for-profit social ventures for a chance to secure funding. 



Interested in applying? Make sure you meet the following four criteria:

a) Woman or non-binary femme co-founder (we encourage​ ​anyone​ ​who identifies​ ​with womanhood–​cis, trans, third gender–to apply)

b) For-profit legal structure

c) Social and/or environmental mission

d) Duly organized and validly existing as a company in a U.S. state


To learn more, go to: http://pipelineangels.com
Questions? Email us: info@pipelineangels.com


Before submitting your application, please remember to pay the non-refundable US$40 processing fee. You will be prompted to do so at the end of the application.

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